MEMF dance instructor dressed in Elizabethan era period costume with dance participants crowded around her.

Previous Seasons

Past Themes and Performers


The Grand Tour: A 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Madison Early Music Festival
Dark Horse Consort · Alchymy Viols · HESPERUS · Calmus


A Cabinet of Curiosities: Journey to Lübeck
Quicksilver · Piffaro, the Renaissance Band · James Kennerly, John Chappell Stowe, organists, and MEMF faculty · Schola Antiqua


Quixotic Musical Treasures from the Golden Age of Spain
Daphna Mor & Kane Mathis Duo · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Sonnambula · Xavier Díaz-Latorre


Shakespeare 400: An Elizabethan Celebration
New York Polyphony · The Newberry Consort · The Baltimore Consort


Slavic Discoveries: Early Music from Eastern Europe
The Rose Ensemble · East of the River · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Ensemble Peregrina


Italia Mia: 1300-1600
Toronto Consort · LIBER · Ex Umbris · Trefoil


A Festive Celebration of the German Renaissance
Calmus Ensemble · The Dark Horse Consort · Parthenia · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band


Welcome Home Again! An American Celebration
Anonymous 4 · Chatham Baroque · The Newberry Consort · The Rose Ensemble


El Nuevo Mundo—The Age of Exploration in the New World
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · The Rose Ensemble · Ensemble Visera · Chatham Baroque


England: Merry and Musical before Elizabeth
Parthenia with Julianne Baird · The King’s Noyse · Hesperus · LIBER · Benjamin Bagby


Telescopic Vistas: MEMF X & Music of the Spheres
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Newberry Consort · Quicksilver · Marion Verbruggen · Venere Lute Quartet


Handel’s Journey: From Germany to England via Italy
Newberry Consort · Marion Verbruggen · Tempesta di Mare · Quicksilver · Baroque Band


Early Music from the Low Countries: The Age of the Netherlanders
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Marion Verbruggen · Fortune’s Wheel · The King’s Noyse


Early Music from the Iberian Peninsula: Spain & the Age of Discovery
Baltimore Consort · Ex Umbris · Chatham Baroque · Ivory Consort


The Fairest Isle: Early Music from England and Scotland
The King’s Noyse · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Ex Umbris · The Baltimore Consort · Second City Musick


The Glories of 17th-Century Venice
Spiritus Collective · Catacoustic Consort · La Venexiana · The Newberry Consort · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band


Bach and His World
Musica Pacifica · The Newberry Consort · Piffaro, The Renassiance Band


A Distant Mirror: French Medieval and Renaissance Music
Concord Ensemble · The Folger Consort · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · The Newberry Consort


Music of Elizabethan England and Its Italian Influences
The Newberry Consort · Marion Verbruggen · The Scholars of Cambrai · Kielson/Spears/Trompeter


Monteverdi and Schütz
Cecilia’s Circle · The Newberry Consort · Trio Atlantica · Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble