University of Wisconsin–Madison
MEMF dance instructor dressed in Elizabethan era period costume with dance participants crowded around her.

Previous Seasons

Past Themes and Performers


Quixotic Musical Treasures from the Golden Age of Spain
Daphna Mor & Kane Mathis Duo · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Sonnambula · Xavier Díaz-Latorre


Shakespeare 400: An Elizabethan Celebration
New York Polyphony · The Newberry Consort · The Baltimore Consort


Slavic Discoveries: Early Music from Eastern Europe
The Rose Ensemble · East of the River · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Ensemble Peregrina


Italia Mia: 1300-1600
Toronto Consort · LIBER · Ex Umbris · Trefoil


A Festive Celebration of the German Renaissance
Calmus Ensemble · The Dark Horse Consort · Parthenia · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band


Welcome Home Again! An American Celebration
Anonymous 4 · Chatham Baroque · The Newberry Consort · The Rose Ensemble


El Nuevo Mundo—The Age of Exploration in the New World
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · The Rose Ensemble · Ensemble Visera · Chatham Baroque


England: Merry and Musical before Elizabeth
Parthenia with Julianne Baird · The King’s Noyse · Hesperus · LIBER · Benjamin Bagby


Telescopic Vistas: MEMF X & Music of the Spheres
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Newberry Consort · Quicksilver · Marion Verbruggen · Venere Lute Quartet


Handel’s Journey: From Germany to England via Italy
Newberry Consort · Marion Verbruggen · Tempesta di Mare · Quicksilver · Baroque Band


Early Music from the Low Countries: The Age of the Netherlanders
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Marion Verbruggen · Fortune’s Wheel · The King’s Noyse


Early Music from the Iberian Peninsula: Spain & the Age of Discovery
Baltimore Consort · Ex Umbris · Chatham Baroque · Ivory Consort


The Fairest Isle: Early Music from England and Scotland
The King’s Noyse · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · Ex Umbris · The Baltimore Consort · Second City Musick


The Glories of 17th-Century Venice
Spiritus Collective · Catacoustic Consort · La Venexiana · The Newberry Consort · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band


Bach and His World
Musica Pacifica · The Newberry Consort · Piffaro, The Renassiance Band


A Distant Mirror: French Medieval and Renaissance Music
Concord Ensemble · The Folger Consort · Piffaro, The Renaissance Band · The Newberry Consort


Music of Elizabethan England and Its Italian Influences
The Newberry Consort · Marion Verbruggen · The Scholars of Cambrai · Kielson/Spears/Trompeter


Monteverdi and Schütz
Cecilia’s Circle · The Newberry Consort · Trio Atlantica · Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble